• Allen Pan
  • Tyler Murray

Allen Pan

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Allen Pan is an engineer, educator, YouTuber, hitchhiker and overall imagination man. Allen's side project of building working versions of science fiction and fantasy gadgets on YouTube went viral with an "unliftable" magnetic replica of Thor's hammer and a lightsaber with a real, burning flame blade. He also became a contestant on the hit Science Channel series, Mythbusters: The Search, where he competed with others to become the next official Mythbuster. His channel, Sufficiently Advanced, has garnered over 43,477,291 views and earned almost 300,000 subscribers.

Tyler Murray

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Tyler Murray started on YouTube creating viral song parodies for his original channel Chocolate Ghost House. After moving to Los Angeles, his new channel, Island Arcade, saw success by focusing on the Pokemon game series and creating pop culture song covers. With Pokemon Sun and Moon, Tyler used the games to educate gamers about Hawaiian culture and history. He is currently helping to manage the Sufficiently Advanced YouTube channel. Not only that, but you might remember Tyler from helping to build HawaiiCon in its first years.