Hawaiicon Volunteers!

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Aloha Hawaiicon Volunteers,

In Hawaiicon's fifth year we find ourselves in a wonderful position: We've been able to reaffirm our commitment to our convention's values AND we've nearly sold out of standard rooms. The Board and the Directors of the con attribute nearly all of this success to the dedication of the volunteers who run the show.

With that, we’ve spent a good deal of time thinking about how to do a better job of making sure that the volunteers know that they’re a force behind all of this, and making sure that the con treats them like they’re valued.

Right now, we have two things that we’d like to put out to you: Food and Rooms.

We think you all need more food and that you need a place to have a few quiet moments. So, everyday of the con we will be opening up the VIP Bungalow for the Volunteer Ohana Lunch. Our chef, Becky Holt, is going to work with her team to make sure that there is a hot meal ready for the volunteers, available from 11AM until 3PM. During those hours, if you need a quiet place to sit, want to take a dip in the pool, or have a nap on the lanai, the space is for you.  By the way, this is the same lunch setup for the staff and the guests to the con.

We also want to help you get rooms.  We have rooms for you!! 

We have two kinds of rooms, and we would like to set up a system in which we can help people find roommates.

The first kind of rooms are the Garden View Rooms that are offered to the staff and where many of the guests are housed. These rooms are not generally available through the hotel right now, but we have access to them for $179/nt (++fees and taxes).  The total cost on the rooms is about $220/nt.  Put four people in there and that’s $55/nt.

The second kind of rooms are the Run-of-the-house, Ocean View Rooms that are currently available through the hotel if you ask for the Hawaiicon Rate. Our cost on these rooms is $219/nt (++fees and taxes).  The total cost on the rooms is about $270/nt. That’s $67/nt per person.

If we share rooms family-style, it’s not so bad.  Besides, who gets a room for just themselves at the con?   (We had seven people in our room last year!)   It’s all about the sharing.

****If you are interested in one of these rooms, either for yourself, or if you would like to share a room with someone, please let Michelle Sage know at volunteers@hawaiicon.com.   Don’t know who you could share with?  Let us know so we can try to help find a roommate!

If the price of a split is out of reach and you need housing, LET US KNOW.  We will find a way to make it work.

Sending this out to you with our sincerest gratitude for everything the volunteers have done to make the con happen.