HawaiiCon Gaming Event Submission Page


HawaiiCon attendees want to play games, and we need your expertise and enthusiasm!

If you would like to run gaming events at HawaiiCon, you must complete the form below before July 1. Additionally, you must obtain a HawaiiCon pass for this year’s event, or be a confirmed volunteer, staff member, or invited guest in order to have your game scheduled. Kindly note if you volunteer at least 16 hours this year—including running games as part of that time—you can earn credit toward a HawaiiCon pass for next year.

Gaming Event Submission Form

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Enter a brief description for your event. Anything that’s relevant to your event and family friendly is acceptable. There is a limit of 35 words.
Enter a day and starting time for your event. When we schedule your event, we’ll do our utmost to give you your preferred starting time.
Please choose an alternate starting time is case we are unable to schedule your event at your preferred time.
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Choose a duration for your event If you don’t see a value that exactly matches what you want, please choose the shortest duration that will fit your event. Kindly include time to introduce new players to the rule system in the total event duration.
Choose the minimum number of players you need for your event to occur. Do not include yourself as event leader in this number.
Choose the maxinum number of players you’d like to make available for your event. If your event won’t have seats, enter a “1” here. As the event leader, you don’t need to include yourself in the seat count.
Age Range
Choose the entry that best fits your event from the choices. Keep in mind that this is only an unenforceable guideline for people to use when registering for events.
Do you need electricity? How big of a table do you need? Use this field to tell us anything you think we should know about your event.
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Your event cannot be scheduled until your status as a pass holder for this year's HawaiiCon or your status as staff or volunteer for this year's HawaiiCon is confirmed. Select the status that best describes you.