Celebrity Photo Ops and Autographs

Have the ultimate HawaiiCon souvenir…

  • Get a professional portrait with an individual star or a group of actors from your favorite fandoms. Each Photo Op Session includes one glossy 8″ x 10″ print and the option to purchase a digital copy. 

  • Come to the Walk of Fame, where you can get a signed headshot from your favorite actor...or bring in an items that you already have to get signed!

  • Come meet the actors and purchase a selfie with them...viola!  Your new profile pic!

Photo Ops and Autograph Information

  • Photo Ops will be held Saturday morning only.  We highly recommend that you purchase your professional photo op prior to the convention.  There will be few (or no) same day sales of photo ops, due to scheduling constraints.

  • You can have up to four of your friends and family members in your Photo Op. Share the fun!

  • Professional Photo Ops will be taken in the Exhibitor’s Hall and printed almost immediately, so that you will have them in hand for the Walk of Fame! Courtesy of Foto Magic Hawaii.

  • Exact times for your Photo Ops will be available much closer to the convention. This information will be available in the Exhibitor’s Hall, on the app and an email will be sent out.

  • Autographs and selfies can be purchased at the Walk of Fame. You can add an autograph to you professional Photo Op, select one of the pre-printed photographs available at each actors table, or bring in an item of your own for signing. Selfies are taken using your own camera.

  • Guests appearances and photo ops are subject to change or cancellation. Please check the schedule for the latest updates. 

    If you have purchased your ticket online, you will be contacted via email about your assigned session.

get your picture with hawaiicon guest stars

get your picture with hawaiicon guest stars


Photo Ops Do's and Don't's

  • Do arrive at the Photo Op Check-In 15 minutes before your session. Don’t be late! You may miss your session, and no refunds will be given.

  • Do print your ticket for your photo op before attending the event.

  • Don’t be nervous! Photo Ops can go by quickly, and now’s your chance to quickly say, “Hi! Love you, love your work!”

  • Do be respectful toward our celebrity guests. Inappropriate or rude behavior will not be tolerated.

  • Don’t bring gifts for the celebrities.

  • Do represent your fandom! Cosplay and sharp dressing is welcome.

  • Don’t bring props to your Photo Op.

  • Do share your Photo Op with three family members or friends.

  • Don’t ask for autographs in the Photo Op Area.

  • Do be patient and follow directions given by Foto Magic Hawaii's staff and volunteers.

  • Do share your Photo Op on social media and tag us with o#Hawaiicon or #Hawaiicon2019.

  • Don’t forget to smile!




What is a Photo Op??

A Photo Op is a professional portrait taken with an individual star or a group of actors from your favorite TV show or movie. Each Photo Op includes a glossy 8″ x 10″ print and the option to purchase a digital copy for $10 which will be emailed to you..... Photo Ops need to be purchased separately from the admission ticket. A celebrity may do several Photo Op sessions throughout the day....Please note that Photo Op Sessions move very quickly. If you want a more one-on-one experience, we suggest buying a tour with your celebrity, or upgrading to a VIP ticket....Celebrity appearances and schedules are all subject to change or cancellation. All Photo Op Sessions are subject to change or cancellation. If a guest postpones their appearance, you will easily be able to convert your Photo Op purchase to another Photo Op Session or voucher, or initiate a refund.

Can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds for Photo Ops. If you are not able to use the Photo Op you purchased you can 1) Transfer it to someone else, or 2) Upgrade or Swap it towards a Photo Op with a different Celebrity Guest(s). We cannot refund Photo Ops if you miss your time slot, but we can try to fit you into another time slot, if there is one available.  But this is a lot of work!  So, please check for your scheduled time, and show up exactly 15 minutes early!

food trucks are well protected at hawaiicon by the 501st

food trucks are well protected at hawaiicon by the 501st