HawaiiCon Volunteer Application

Thank you for volunteering to help HawaiiCon happen.

HawaiiCon is a 100% volunteer-run, fan-run convention. Every year we bring some of the world’s best talent to the Big Island for the best party on the island. This party also serves to bring over 500 Hawaii Island keiki in contact with our talented guests, while fundraising to support fantastic STEAM education programs on Hawaii. The Board, Committee and Staff of HawaiiCon send out our most sincere thanks to the volunteers for making it all happen.

You can volunteer for two hours of time at HawaiiCon, or twenty—whatever amount of time fits your availability and the way that you’d like to spend your time at the convention. Please only put the number of hours you are willing to work. We ask that you be conservative in your estimate so that HC Staff can ensure there are enough volunteers for each day of the Con. You can always ask for more hours later, even on the day of the con!

Please use this application to help us make sure that you’re in a volunteer position that best suits you, and if you have any special needs, please make sure that we know so that we can take care of you.

If you volunteered at HawaiiCon 2018 please complete the Returning Volunteer Application.


By submitting your application to volunteer, you are agreeing to adhere to our posted HawaiiCon policies (http://www.hawaiicon.com/policies) and acknowledge that submitting an application is no guarantee that you will be assigned any volunteer duties.  Further,  you affirm that the facts set forth on your form are true and complete. You understand that if you are accepted as a volunteer, any false statement, omissions, or other misrepresentations made on this application may result in immediate dismissal. 

Name *
Time Committment *
Let us know how much time you think you'd like to volunteer in 2019.
Let us know if there is anything that you are particularly good at, and don't be shy. Let us know if you are great with kids, crafty, a face painter, a fantastic hostess, good at carpentry, or if you have some other skill that can help make HawaiiCon even better.
Specific HawaiiCon Jobs *
Below, we've listed a number of jobs that need to be filled in 2019. Please select those that you think might interest you.
You do not need to know your specific availability at this point, but if you can, give us an idea of when you think you'll be available during the convention. (Note: Some volunteer/staff jobs are limited based upon availability.)
T Shirt Size
T Shirts will again be available for staff and volunteers this year, although there may be some expense involved. Please let us know the size T-Shirt you think you might like. (Men's sizes)
Please let us know if you have any special needs, or if there is something else that we should know about your work with HawaiiCon.
We are always looking for people who can transport cargo and people across the island, to the hotel, and to the airport. If you have a vehicle that would be helpful in this area, please let us know.
Gaming Masters *
Are you also submitting a game to the Gaming Track. (Knowing this helps us to keep track of your total hours.)