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Jeff "Duck" Leason

Jeff "Duck" Leason started playing Dungeons & Dragons (OD&D) in 1975, when a fellow boy scout, Skip Williams, started his first D&D campaign. Jeff was hooked and bought his first copy of D&D from 330 Center Street, the Gygax family's basement. Three years later, after graduating high school, Jeff started working in the shipping department at TSR, as its 17th employee. (He was guaranteed a job at TSR by Ernie G Gygax, Jr, a high school friend and fellow orchestra member.)

Back in the early days, everyone pitched in in any way possible; from proofing to shipping. It was because of this open and creative atmosphere that Jeff was able to proof the AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide, his first accredited project. Shortly thereafter, his first solo design was the "Gateway to Adventure" catalog. Jeff worked on most every TSR product (either in editing/proofing/playtesting/layout, etc.) until the mid 1980s. His most noted TSR product was as a co-author, with Harold Johnson, on the adventure, "The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan" (rated the eighth best AD&D adventure/module of all time).

Around 1984, Jeff went to work in the famous "Dungeon Hobby Shop". In 1986, Jeff's time with TSR was over; he was "let go" along with 149 other TSR employees.

In late 1986, Jeff started his new job at Mayfair Games, as a janitor/shelf assembler. He was soon in the editing department, working in a creative atmosphere, not unlike that of early TSR. Soon he found himself as Productline Coordinator for both the Role-Aids and Chill role-playing game lines. (Role-Aids was the ONLY legal non-TSR AD&D product line). Mayfair bought the Invincible Overlord and Chill trade marks and asked me to make them new, different products. The City-State of the Invincible Overlord became part of my AD&D campaign, active since 1977, and Chill was completely rewritten by myself and Lou Prosperi. I co-authored (with Thomas Cook) "The Haunt" adventure and the "Briarwood Castle" for the overlord series and co-created the "Things" sourcebook with Lee Agosta. It was during this time that I designed the Invincible Dragon for Grenadier Miniatures/Mayfair Games tie-in and also suggested many more minis that were later released (ie. cyclops skeleton, skeleton w/skeletal dog on chain, etc.)

In 1989, after attending 100+ conventions and living and breathing gaming for over 13 years, Jeff was ready for a life change. And, due to a family illness, Jeff moved to the Northwoods of Wisconsin and disappeared from the gaming society.

Jeff has attended a few Gary Cons and a Gamehole Con, and has met a lot of great people in the current gaming industry. Jeff's first credit will appear in an up-and-coming adventure (working title), The Forgotten Dungeon, from Fireside Games, and is working on a 2019 Kickstarter in of the adventure, "The Hauntings' End", which will be going through its final playtest at Hawaii Con. Jeff is currently working with Heidi Gygax on a convention adventure series that will (hopefully) be published in a couple years.