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Heidi Gygax

Heidi Gygax grew up in the gaming industry as the third child of Mary Jo and E. Gary Gygax. From a young age, Heidi and her siblings worked assembling games in the basement at 330 Center Street where D&D was born, and where wargamers would gather to spend weekends gaming all night and crashing in the living room. She worked the concession stands at Horticultural Hall for Gen Con game conventions, and in the Gen Con TSR booth from 1979 - 1985. Heidi first played D&D with her father, as DM, most memorably in the Tomb of Horrors, along with her sister Cindy and brother Luke, then later with her coworkers/friends from TSR. Heidi worked at TSR summers and later full time in the Gen Con department, Sales, and the Dungeon Hobby Shop until 1985 when during the infamous TSR takeover where Gary Gygax lost controlling interest and eventually, all rights to his creative works published with his company. After leaving the gaming industry, Heidi has worked in the jewelry industry for 30 years, and spends her time managing a dragon’s wealth in gemstones and jewelry as the GMM, and recently promoted to Director of Customer Relationship Management for Na Hoku, a large national jewelry retailer and manufacturer based in Honolulu. Heidi re-entered gaming after a long hiatus by running D&D games each year since 2014 at Gary Con and is now working on co-authoring an AD&D adventure for future publication to be play tested at Hawaii Con. While playing and observing RPG game masters through the years, Heidi prefers the rules-light style of play, with emphasis on role playing rather than hack-and-slash. Gary Con, founded by Gary’s children at his funeral, is an annual game convention held each March in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, celebrating the life and works of Gary Gygax, the Father of Role Playing Games, to gather and do what Gary loved best –play games