Carcasonne: Learn to play another classic strategy board game, Carcassone! Build a world, claim territory, and dominate! Great for ages 8-99!

Card Games 101: Do you want to see what the Trading Card Game fans are talking about? Come learn Magic: The Gathering, Cardfight: Vanguard, Force of Will, or Yu-gi-oh!! Ages 13+

Cards Against Humanity: A 21+ event. Come play the hilariously rude game after hours! Cards Against Humanity with Aaron Douglas: Battlestar Galactica’s Chief, Aaron Douglas, leads a hilarious evening of rude behavior. Ages 18+ only.

Cardfight Vanguard Trial Deck Challenge: Interested in learning the basics of the game or just want to have a new challenge. We will be having a trial deck tournament on Sunday. Admission is free with the purchase of a Trial Deck and requires a Sunday pass. So pick your clan and fight straight out of the box. Stand up, Vanguard!

Catan — Learn to Play: Learn to play the international phenomenon game, Settlers of Catan. Ages 9+. Coup: One final game hour of Coup! Both Coup and Coup: Rebellion will be played! Bluff your way to a final victory!

Deadlands Character Creation: Create an RPG character for the Deadlands game featuring a local themed module to really get into the Waimea style adventure! Final Painting Workshop: You’ve learned the basics of mini painting, now add the final details that will make your mini pop!

Flames of War: Lead WWII era forces as they engage in table-top cooperative and competitive warfare.

Force of Will: Come play in a tournament of the new and exciting card game, Force of Will! This game combines a variety of mechanics known from other games to let you fight with new and familiar characters. Entry Fee TBA at event.

Magic: Conspiracy Draft: A Magic the Gathering Draft with the new multiplayer Conspiracy - Take the Crown set. $15 entry, draft with 2 multiplayer games!

Magic Repack Draft: A free draft to come and play some of the stranger cards in Magic! Repacks are made of 15 cards of all of Magic’s history. Great for new and casual players and those looking for a different challenge.

Malifaux: Malifaux uses Gothic, Steampunk, and Victorian horror with a dose of the Wild West to inject fun and depth into a easy to learn, 32mm tabletop miniature skirmish game.

Open Board Games: Come try out one of our board games with our game experts! Ages 8+. Painting Workshop: Learn the fun and creative art of miniatures painting. Whether for your casual RPG group or your competitive war gaming, learn simple techniques that can make a world of difference.

Paniolo Deadlands: Deadlands is a western styled role playing game. This module features Hawaiian cowboys toting six-guns roam the Big Island, tending their herds and protecting Parker Ranch from things that go bump in the night.

RPG Character Creation: Learn about the upcoming RPGs at HawaiiCon, get professional help building your custom character, and learn basic rules to prepare your for the upcoming adventures.

Star Trek RPG Module: Star Trek and tabletop roleplaying games collide! Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek by becoming a Starfleet officer, exploring strange new worlds, and immersing yourself in the 24th century. No roleplaying experience necessary!