Thurs RPGs open VG/VR (all days) open Board Games & Game Designer panel Fri Indie games, themed RPG, Magic, VG tournament, CAH, Telestrations after dark Sat Dungeon Club, Battletech, Pokemon GO Fishing, LAN party (possibly), Freegrazers, cardflight Vanguard Sun, Tabletop Day, Warhammer40k, Chaos Draft, Pokemon TCG, Alpha Strike, LazerTag/Recoil

Battletech Alpha Strike Scenario - Defend Hawai‘i: Giant robots invade paradise! Gear up and help defend the island. (Play as long as you want, from a few minutes to the whole game. Prizes for all!)

Battletech Bootcamp: Giant robots! Lasers! Missiles! Cannons! An introduction to the basics of this classic futuristic war board game. Open games will also be available for those who are ready to jump right into the robotic destruction. (Prizes for all!)

Battletech Grinder Tournament: Non-stop, free-for-all Mech combat. Come and go as you please. (Prizes for all!)

Cardfight Vanguard: A trading card game created by Bushiroad in 2011. It has been growing in popularity with both the TCG and the Anime, it is a great game for all ages. Standard TCG single format rules will apply. Come down and show us what you got. Stand Up, Vanguard!

Cards Against Humanity: Have a barrel of laughs at the Honu Bar while playing popular humor game, Cards Against Humanity, with special guest stars from the Con!

Conspiracy TTC Booster Draft: Magic the Gathering Conspiracy Take the Crown Booster Draft. Multi-player format. $15 entry fee. Prizes for top finishers!

Dungeon Club - Join Wayne Brekke from Dungeon Crate: A Dungeons & Dragons Adventure set in the world of Halcyon!

Dungeons & Dragons: Demonstrates TSR’s newly released Role Playing game based on Noir style mystery and espionage.

Fighting Game Tournament: Play games like Tekken, Soul Calibur, and Street Fighter with the Big Is-
land Fighting Games Community. Prizes to winning participants.

Firefly RPG: Become a space cowboy and be apart of the Firefly crew taking work where they can andtrying there hardest to survive in the verse.

The Freegrazer Contracts (Guild of Games): Take part in the Big Island’s very own high caliber dysto-pian sci-fi space opera RPG by joining up with a crew and completing contracts.

The Gods Must Be Crazy DM panel: Calling all Dungeon Masters! Join several seasoned Dungeon Masters as they navigate an ever changing Dungeons & Dragons scenario and discuss gaming experiences.

Hawai‘i Island Game Developers: An open, indy gaming think-tank. Attendees can learn about cur-
rent marketing strategies, development techniques and more. Sponsored by TheGameCrafter
Miniatures Painting Workshop. Stop by the Game Room and paint your own free miniature while get-
ting tips of how to create the best miniature you can.

Modern Masters 2018 Booster Draft: Magic the Gathering Modern Masters old school cool booster
draft. $45 entry fee. Prizes for top 3 finishers (or more based on participation!)

Paniolo Deadlands (HAWAIICON CLASSIC): Join expert Deadlands Martial “Hoku” in a cooperative
role-playing game set in old “West” Hawai‘i. Back in the age of the wild west, Hawaii’s ranchers em-
ployed paniolos who were Hawaiian cowboys. But not all is as it seems on the Big Island, and a series of night-time disappearances lead to something much stranger than any cowpoke could have predicted.

Pokemon Balloon Show: Loco Moco presents a fun, entertaining, Pokemon themed balloon show. Fun for all ages.

Pokemon GO Fishing Tournament: Grab your bait and reel in fish Pokémon in the Pokémon Fishing Contest! Prizes will be awarded for longest, heaviest, and overall largest catch! (Competition limited to Magikarp, Seaking, Goldeen, Remoraid, Qwilfish, Chinchou, Lanturn, and Mantine.

Pokémon TCG Tournament: Trainers test their deck building skills in the Pokémon TCG Burning Shadows Draft! Compete for prizes and glory! $20 entry fee includes draft packs and promos.
Pokémon VG Tournament. Bring your 3DS and your strongest Pokémon and battle for superiority in the Alola region! Pokémon VGC format, no entry fee.

Star Wars RPG: Wanna be an adventurer in a galaxy far far away? Come down to the Game room to join an epic tale based in the Star Wars Universe. Are your ready to take on the responsibility to be the world’s only hope. Let’s find out.

Top Secret: New World Order. Form lead Designer Allen Hammack of the Classic Role Playing Game

TWERPS: Cooperative role play with a fun, easy-to-learn system made by the expert, time tested dice crafting company "Gamescience". 

Warhammer 40k Tournament: Warhammer 40k is a tabletop miniatures game set in the sci-fi fantasy
of the future, produced by games workshop. The game is played with a variety of rules, great models and painting. The tournament is run in the ITC format produced by Frontline Gaming.

*Play games or enjoy Virtual Reality simulations in the game room from open to close
Provided by Aloha 9D-VR!