What is HawaiiCon?

The HawaiiCon organization is a non-profit entity, designated to support STEAM education on the Big Island of Hawai'i. Each year HawaiiCon engages in several activities related to its mission, including the HawaiiCon Convention. This convention is intended to celebrate and build an appreciation for sci-fi, science and culture, incorporating all cultural groups represented, with specific acknowledgement and emphasis on the connection of the Hawaiian culture to the physical, intellectual and spiritual context.

Who will be There?

HawaiiCon is our inclusive gathering of science fiction fans, comic book enthusiasts, creative cosplayers, anime followers, avid gamers, future-envisioning authors, cultural practitioners, Geek-film featurette creators, comic and fantasy artists, authors, screen writers and Hollywood’s science fiction producers, voice actors, and movie/television stars, along with vendors, musicians, teachers, students, scientists, and popular culture & science fiction scholars.

What to Bring?

Heading off to a science fiction convention requires a little pre-planning, but it's worth it. First, bring a change of clothes for every day you'll be at the con, along with the other essentials you usually take when you're spending the weekend somewhere -- toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, etc. If you're sharing a room with several other people, bringing an extra towel and maybe a pillow or blanket (or a sleeping bag) is a good idea.

After you have the essentials, you can worry about the other stuff. One way to save more money for the vendor's room is to bring some food with you. Go to your local grocery store and buy some food to bring along. PB+J sandwich supplies keep well unrefrigerated, and cost about $5 for enough to cover the whole weekend. Buying a six-pack or two of soda is also much cheaper than buying soda in the hotel. But do save some money for food and the trip home.

In any case, be sure you leave some room in the car for the stuff you will buy at the con.