• Amy Hoff
  • Alasdair Reavey

Amy Hoff

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Amy Hoff spent years travelling across the United States, living out of cars and cheap motels. She was a weightlifter and streetfighter, collecting monster legends across the country.  She is now a Scottish and American highway legend folklorist specialising in monsters. 

American Drifter, a memoir about her life on the road, will have an exclusive early release at HawaiiCon 2017.

As a director, she adapted Man in the Iron Mask and Good Omens for the stage. Her web series, Caledonia, about a police station in Glasgow run by monsters, has been nominated for awards at festivals all over the world. The third instalment, a fantasy horror feature film entitled Caledonia: Burns Night, is currently in post-production.

Alasdair Reavey


Alasdair Reavey is a Scottish actor who plays one of the leads in Caledonia, the Victorian selkie Detective Inspector Dorian Grey. His refined style and stiff upper lip earned him roles in various productions, including Famine in the stage version of Good Omens and Aramis in Man in the Iron Mask. 
Alasdair is also a video game designer and is currently working on Monumentous, an isometric PC game. He is also developing Caledonia: Labyrinth, a first-person 3D adventure game set in the Caledonia universe.