Guest Spotlight: Patricia Tallman

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Patricia Tallman says about acting, “I have always wanted to act. When I was little, I used to reenact TV commercials and musical numbers for my family and the neighborhood. I played Star Trek with my Barbies and acted out Dark Shadows with my cousin. So, no wonder I ended up in horror and Sci-fi!”

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Patricia Tallman started her performance career as a stuntwoman.  You’ve likely seen her in action scenes of many television series, including Tales from the Dark Side and Angel, as well as features films such as Night of the Living Dead, Creep Show 2 and Monkeyshines.  Fans often make a game of trying to identify Patricia in the numerous films and series in which she was a stunt double.  Her work as a stuntwoman led to featured roles in Sci-fi and horror films, and eventually she landed the role of Lyta Alexander on Babylon 5.  The character Lyta was introduced in the pilot episode, "The Gathering," as a telepath assigned to the Babylon 5 space station.  Tallman has described her character as, "…a mid-level telepath who became something more eventually.”

Patricia is devoted to the charity Penny Lane, a home for abused children in Los Angeles.  She believed these kids should have computer literacy in order to get ahead in life. Tallman began to sell autographs and photos of herself at conventions, using the money she raised to help build a computer lab and hire a teacher.  With the help of the science fiction and horror community, Patricia has raised hundreds of thousands to found the CARE Computer Lab.

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Patricia Tallman’s recurring role as Lyta is discussed at length in a 2011 memoir she penned titled, Pleasure Thresholds - Patricia Tallman's Babylon 5 Memoir.  From the book, Patricia talks about the experience of appearing at fan conventions:

“Doing conventions can be awesome. I love to travel. And even though most of the time there isn’t enough hours in the day to fulfill my obligation to the con and see the sights, I enjoy going to new places. I really love people, as many of you know who have met me. Meeting you is a highlight for me. I really appreciate you buying my products. I try to make things special for you… Something different and personal from me that you cannot get anywhere else. When you go to a con, don’t you almost always come back with great stories? …Little mini adventures happen at cons!”

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