Image by Lifted Geek

Image by Lifted Geek

HILO, Hawaii – September 28th, 2016 – The articles just keep on rolling in! This time HawaiiCon was featured in an article written by LiftedGeek. Details go on to describe various things to the events, cosplayers, panels and of course guests that were featured at the convention! Below is a brief preview of what the article describes.

"HawaiiCon is quickly becoming one of the cons that I look forward to every year. In their 3rd year of running this sci-fi convention, they switched to a new hotel which was closer and more beautiful, IMHO. Let’s be honest, the whole reason why I go to out of state cons is to eat, so we’re going to mention the food first. What was nice was there were lots of food options. There was a mini shopping mall maybe 5-10 min drive away and a slightly bigger one 15 minutes away; during the day they had food trucks and the hotel sported a couple places to eat as well."
"I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this con continue to grow and even more excited for next year which they announced to be Star Wars themed!!! All the potential guests that they could bring in (if they’re not busy). Look forward to all the things next year!"

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Original Article By Chris Kwock (@kwock)