Guest Spotlight: Esmé Bianco from Game of Thrones


Esmé Bianco is a stunning beauty, easily one of the most memorable characters from Game of Thrones, and she’s coming to HawaiiCon!

Esmé’s smoldering portrayal of Ros, the savvy, self-determined courtesan of Littlefinger’s brothel, was not a character from the novels.  However, she impressed the producers so much with her onscreen vitality that they wrote her character into 14 episodes.  Esmé admits she only read the first three novels, in order to not “spoil too much of the story for myself.”


Fans of GOT seem ready to forgive the addition of Ros to the original story.  Ros grew to be an integral part of the intrigue between Varys, Tyrion, and Littlefinger.  In a recent HBO interview, Esmé says of her character, “She's on a different level. But she is so clever at being a woman. She knows how to use her feminine wiles to gain trust, so people have that confidence in her, but they're underestimating how ambitious she is.” 

Esmé Bianco studied acting at Goldsmiths College in London.  From there, she became a lingerie model, and recorded vocals on the album Peep Show.  She traveled internationally as a well-known cabaret and burlesque performer.  But now, Esmé calls Los Angeles home as she pursues her rising stardom.


Esmé joins HawaiiCon’s Dead Sexy GOT panel on September 13th, and the Women in sci-fi panel on the 14th.   Convention attendees can also sign up to see Esme on a meet and greet, as well as a photo op.  But the most exciting thing you can do with Esmé is to go on an afternoon manta ray snorkel tour!  Imagine yourself swimming alongside Esmé Bianco in search of manta rays!

HawaiiCon offers many unique adventures.  You’ll feel inspired by unforgettable experiences with stars from your favorite shows in the tropical paradise of Hawaii Island at one of the best beaches on the planet.  And you won’t have to stand in long lines waiting for a fleeting moment with your faves!  Aloha!