Guest Spotlight: Star Trek's Walter Koenig


Here at HawaiiCon, we are so excited to have Walter Koenig joining the Guest list!  Walter is best known as Pavel Chekov from the Original Star Trek, but his career spans 50 years of performances on TV, film, and stage.  Walter is also an author.  He was, in fact, the first cast member from OST to pen a Star Trek story, writing “The Infinite Vulcan” for the animated Star Trek series.  Walter has published several books and plays, as well as a comic series called Raver.


Born in Chicago on September 14, 1936, and raised in Manhattan, Walter actually is of Russian descent.  His iconic dialect was based on his father’s speech, including the use of the “w” as a “v”.  His boyish good looks helped him land his role on OST.  The producers at that time wanted a “Davy Jones” type in the show to appeal to a younger audience.  Walter quickly became a fan favorite, and decades later his die-hard fans lobbied strongly to have his name placed on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. On September 10, 2012, Walter Koenig was honored with the 2,279th star.

 Still a working actor, Walter’s latest projects include a Steampunk film called Cowboys & Engines (2013), and Star Trek Renegades (2014).  At HawaiiCon, you’ll be able to see exclusive footage of STR, where Walter’s character, Pavel Chekov, has become Admiral of Starfleet Intelligence!


Walter will be celebrating his 78th birthday while at HawaiiCon!  In his honor, we’ll be throwing a gala birthday bash on September 14, 2014.  Con attendees have the unique opportunity of purchasing a seat at the event.  Imagine having dinner with, and singing Happy Birthday to, a sci-fi legend!  Along with a gourmet dinner and birthday cake, Richard Hatch, of Battlestar Galactica fame, will emcee a fun evening of entertainment as we roast Walter on his birthday.  This event will be one of the highlights of HawaiiCon, so get in while you can.  Seating will be limited.  Walter will also be available for photo ops and meet and greets!

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