Aggressive Comix: Convention Review

HILO, Hawaii – October 1st, 2016 – Reviews just don't stop coming! This time Mary Anne Butler gives the full laydown scoop of the details & events that went down at HawaiiCon wasting no time to give you the full in depth view of what it was all about at HawaiiCon 2016.

"There aren’t enough words in the English language to explain to you how truly awesome HawaiiCon is.  Sure, there are bigger conventions closer to home you could go to, but why WOULDN’T you want to experience an event in the middle of paradise?  For an event in it’s third year, the loyalty of fans is already something to be reckoned with."

"You should totally start planning your September 14th-17th 2017 HawaiICon trip now, starting with the early bird passes.  Spoiler, the lifetime passes are already sold out!  And, we have it on PRETTY GOOD AUTHORITY that 2017’s theme will be STAR WARS!!"

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Original Article By Mary Anne Butler


Image by Lifted Geek

Image by Lifted Geek

HILO, Hawaii – September 28th, 2016 – The articles just keep on rolling in! This time HawaiiCon was featured in an article written by LiftedGeek. Details go on to describe various things to the events, cosplayers, panels and of course guests that were featured at the convention! Below is a brief preview of what the article describes.

"HawaiiCon is quickly becoming one of the cons that I look forward to every year. In their 3rd year of running this sci-fi convention, they switched to a new hotel which was closer and more beautiful, IMHO. Let’s be honest, the whole reason why I go to out of state cons is to eat, so we’re going to mention the food first. What was nice was there were lots of food options. There was a mini shopping mall maybe 5-10 min drive away and a slightly bigger one 15 minutes away; during the day they had food trucks and the hotel sported a couple places to eat as well."
"I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this con continue to grow and even more excited for next year which they announced to be Star Wars themed!!! All the potential guests that they could bring in (if they’re not busy). Look forward to all the things next year!"

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Original Article By Chris Kwock (@kwock)


Talking ‘Star Trek’ Then and Now with Riker, Uhura, Chekov and Rod Roddenberry

Photography by Grace Chee

Photography by Grace Chee

HILO, Hawaii – September 27th, 2016 – Only a week ago HawaiiCon happened on the Big Island at the Mauna Lani. Since then there has been alot of news regarding the events and all the awesome things which took place during HawaiiCon including a great article featuring a few of the stars that attended HawaiiCon and Star Trek! Below you can find a brief preview of what the article describes.

"In the Mauna Lani Hotel in northern Kona, actors, comic artists, writers, fans & even scientists have gathered for HawaiiCon. A four-day sci-fi convention in mid-September... It's hard to imagine a better place for a science fiction convention. On this planet, at least."
"Among this year’s guests were several Star Trek veterans: Rod Roddenberry Jr, son of show creator Gene Roddenberry; Nichelle Nichols and Walter Koenig, who played Lieutenant Uhura and Chekov in the original series; and Jonathan Frakes, who played Commander Riker in The Next Generation. It’s been a busy time for the franchise, which turned 50 this month, with the release of Star Trek Beyond this past summer and the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery television series set to debut on CBS in 2017, so we decided to catch up with the former crews of the USS Enterprise about their Star Trek experiences, their thoughts on the new installments and their reflections on half a century of going where no one has gone before."

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Original Article By James Charisma

If you had the chance to ask Uhura a Question, would you?

HILO, Hawaii – August 30th, 2016 – Aloha everyone, a few days ago it was mentioned that we would be doing a special Q&A with one of guest stars, well the time has finally come!

HawaiiCon is proud to announce - Ask Uhura a Question Contest! 

HawaiiCon will get a 10 minute video interview with the Legendary Star Treks Nichelle Nichols, we will be taking the most popular voted questions and asking them to Nichelle Nichols at HawaiiCon!

Fans, what question would you ask her at HawaiiCon? Click the button below and cast your vote now! If your questions dont show up on the poll, dont be alarmed, they must first be approved before appearing as available choices to be voted on by others. You may also only vote once, so make your vote count!

If your question does not show up on the poll, don't be alarmed. It must first be approved before appearing as an available choice to be voted on by others. You may also only vote once, so make your vote count!

Also be sure to add your name and location to the end of your question so we will know who's asking the question as well as where they're from!

For example "What's Uhuras favorite food? - HawaiiCon (Kona, Hawaii)"

Note: Inappropriate Questions will be Removed!

HawaiiCons 2016 Costume Contest

HILO, Hawaii – June 1st, 2016 – It's the time of year, as September approaches, to let cosplayers know about the HawaiiCon 2016 Costume Contests! HawaiiCon invites all cosplayers in the galexy to get ready for the big show in September at the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel! 

The Keiki Cosplay Contest, for ages 13 and younger, is an opportunity for young cosplayers to show off their fandom on the catwalk and win prizes.

The adult competition, in addition to the usual performance and technical judging, will have an extra category this year: Original Star Trek.

Cosplayers in the new category will be judged on how accurately they recreate character looks from the original Star Trek series. Prizes will be awarded in individual and group categories.

Both contests occur on Saturday, September 17th, and competitors must register on site on the day of the competitions. At HawaiiCon 2016, you can meet cosplay star Tatiana De Khtyar, and enter our two cosplay contests! Please visit our websites Cosplay Contest Page for Official rules and details.

HawaiiCon boldly goes where no Convention has gone before!

HILO, Hawaii – June 1st, 2016 – In September 2016, the popular beachfront fan convention, HawaiiCon, will be offering the fans of Star Trek the most unique ways of celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek: a lu’au under the stars with the stars on the beach, hula with crew members, but most amazingly, real adventures with the crews of the Enterprise. Walk through a rainforest with Star Trek: Next Generation’s Commander Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis), go snorkeling with Leeta (Chase Masterson) from DeepSpace 9, or night diving and snorkeling with giant manta rays next to both Rod Roddenberry (son of Star Trek’s creator Gene Roddenberry) and Next Generation’s Number One Will Riker (Jonathan Frakes). 

Original Star Trek crew members Chekov (Walter Koenig) and Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) will also be on hand to meet fans and you can celebrate Walter‘s 80th birthday at a special gourmet dinner.

If you are a Battlestar Galactica fan, go ziplining via Kapohokine Adventures with Helo (Tahmoh Penikett) and the Chief (Aaron Douglas).

HawaiiCon 2016 brings together leading cast members from the various Star Trek series, as well as fan favorites from many other popular shows. The event also features well-known cosplayers, space scientists, visionaries, gamers, comicbook artists, and writers.

Rod Roddenberry calls HawaiiCon, “The best convention I’ve been to.”

HawaiiCon is a non-profit that helps children of the Big Island ‘Reach for the Stars’ in science and the performing arts.